Tamarack Pest Control




Frustrated with unwanted “guests”, be it insects or varmints? Let me put your mind to rest, I’m here to relieve your stress!

Tamarack Pest Control is locally owned and operated, with over 33 years of experience in the industry. I strive to give you professional results in as little time as possible.

My program covers residential, seasonal, commercial one-time only or regular maintenance plans. I will work with you to respond to your unique needs.

I cover the gambit of lakes, woods and northern Minnesota pest issues, including:

Mosquitoes Ants
Asian Lady Beetles Bats
Boxelder Bugs Cluster Flies
Cockroaches Fleas
Yellow Jackets/Hornets/Wasps Stored Product Pests
Mice/Rats Raccoons
Skunks Spiders
Squirrels Crawling Insects
Wood Ticks

I will consult with you to determine what the pest problems are that you are experiencing. Minimally, I can provide advice on how to reduce issues on your own. Or through a cooperative effort, I will take care of your issues for you. The equipment used is top of the line in keeping with industry standards. The power sprayer is electric, which means quiet. I don’t want to interrupt your outside experience with noise. The backpack mister is used to maximize coverage while minimizing chemical usage.

As a Limited Liability Company (LLC), I’m licensed and insured, and can assure you of professional, thorough service.

Environmentally conscious, community minded.


8 thoughts on “Tamarack Pest Control

  1. I really appreciated how knowledgeable Mike is about all pests, but when he took care of bats for one of my customers, he gained me as a client for life! It’s great having a knowledgeable, trustworthy local guy you can count on when you need it!


  2. Mike caught some pesky raccoons on my porch and relocated them. He also treated our church, Tamarack Free Lutheran Church, for cluster flies and Asian lady beetles. Highly recommend!


  3. We were very happy with the results from having Mike spray our property for mosquitos last summer. Not only did our family enjoy having the mosquito free outdoors, but the pets loved it too!


  4. In 2015 we purchased an old seasonal cabin and with it came some unwanted guests: mice. We called Tamarack Pest Control and Mike gave us an accurate estimate, sealed up the property and made return visits (since we lived three plus hours away) to check the traps etc. Tamarack Pest Control provided outstanding service at a fair price.


  5. When I had a hornet problem, Mike was at my place in 20 minutes, and took care of the yellow jacket problem that I didn’t even realize I had. With my 7 nieces/nephews showing up that evening, that could have been some unfortunate trips to Grand Rapids Hospital. He was a life saver! It’s rare to have someone show up not only on time, but early!


  6. We had Mike come out to assess our squirrel situation. At first it seemed to be a fairly simple solution; however, it turned out to be a bit more complex. In fact, Mike spent more time at our cabin than we did for a few weeks! And thanks to his perseverance, the flying squirrels were successfully removed and our problem was solved!


  7. Mike sprayed our house last year in August for Asian beetles. Our house has cedar shakes so there are lots of hiding places for the beetles. We felt he did the job quickly, financially reasonably and gave us good information about what to expect from the treatment. We feel that not only was Mike’s information and initial treatment of Asian beetles well done, the fact that he would come out on a Sunday shows his respect for customers.


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