Tamarack Pest Control



Frustrated with unwanted “guests”, be it insects or varmints? Let me put your mind to rest, I’m here to relieve your stress!

Tamarack Pest Control is locally owned and operated, with 35+ years of experience in the industry. I strive to give you professional results in as little time as possible.

My program covers residential, seasonal, commercial one-time only or regular maintenance plans. I will work with you to respond to your unique needs.

I cover the gambit of lakes, woods and northern Minnesota pest issues, including but not limited to:

Ants Fleas
Asian Lady Beetles Mice/Rats
Bats Spiders
Boxelder Bugs Squirrels (including Flying Squirrels)
Cluster Flies Stored Product Pests
Cockroaches Yellow Jackets/Hornets/Wasps
Crawling Insects

I will consult with you to determine what the pest problems are that you are experiencing. Minimally, I can provide advice on how to reduce issues on your own. Or through a cooperative effort, I will take care of your issues for you.

As a Limited Liability Company (LLC), I’m licensed and insured, and can assure you of professional, thorough service.

Environmentally conscious, community minded.








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